Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome to Boot Camp PT!

This is our inaugural post. The first of many. We are excited to share our workouts with you. We will be updating and summarizing our personal training workouts daily. We've had great successes in our fitness business, Lady of America in Wilmington, NC, and will bring you the latest fitness programs and workouts. Here are the FAQs about or program...

What is Boot Camp PT?

Boot Camp PT is a four week program that consists of 12 workouts lasting 30 minutes.

Why only 30 minutes just 3 days a week?

We needed a program that was intense enough to shock the body into results. You will need to recovery from our workouts. Many people drag their workouts on for hours at moderate intensity with little to no results. The average person is willing to commit to 3 workouts a week and are on schedules short on time. Get in and get out is our moto.

Can I participate at my current fitness level?

You should be healthy enough to exercise and should have a basic fitness metabolic base to start. That means, you should be able to walk a couple miles briskly and have some type of resistance training background. We analyse all participants prior to registration.

What do the workouts consist of?

Let's answer this by saying, you won't be sitting on a machine or riding piece of cardio. We developed a program were the workouts challenge endurance, strength, agility and will power. We sprint, kick, jump and lift you into better shape using cones, agility ladders, steps and weights.

When are the workouts schedule and how do I sign up?

We have a basic list of scheduled times and start dates on the sidebar of this site and on You can always contact Krista or Brian Autry at the club 910-392-3339 or by email

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